Netflix has recently released their Death Note film trailer and features their American spin to the Japanese series. Personality-wise, some characters are undoubtedly different in this entry. The Netflix Death Note movie’s L and other characters feels way off their counterparts from its source material.

As seen in the new trailer, Light Turner (Nat Wolff) picks up the Death Note as it falls the sky. The Death God, Ryuk (Willem Dafoe) introduces Light to the instantaneous killing powers of the Death Note and Light decides to go on a killing spree to fix the world. However, L (Keith Stanfeld) manages to track him down and make Light pay for his killings. So far, it follows the original Japanese series’ story but doesn’t seem to have latter story arcs where Light gives up the Death Note in an effort to defeat L.

The Death Note film’s L feels intimidating and menacing throughout the trailer. In the original series, L is an unimposing eccentric but can be threatening when he presents his deductions. Stanfeld’s eyes doesn’t give a soft impression and his dialogue doesn’t help either.

“You’re the one who flew into the sun, I’m just here to make sure you burn.” And “I promise you, you will not survive” are some lines that L says to Light in this Netflix film. These differences could also be seen in Ryuk and Light as they don’t have all of the aspects of their original series counterparts.

For now, it’s too early to say if the Death Note movie will be received warmly. It’s understandable that the movie would change the characters drastically as it’ll be too hard to fit all of the main character’s ingenuity in tricking each other in one film.

In the main series, Light and L have thrown their own set of gambits. These are satisfying to understand but it takes time to build these up. Netflix’s Death Note movie will be released this coming August 25.