Pharrel Williams has shared his thoughts about his new song which was used in Despicable Me 3. Other than delivering an animated experience, Despicable Me 3 does rely on its soundtrack to deliver most of its scene’s tone. Here’s what we know about Williams’ thoughts on the movie and his song titled Freedom.


As heard from AccessHollywood, Williams has stayed neutral throughout the whole interview. However, he does feel blessed and expressed gratitude on having the opportunity to use one of his songs in the movie. Currently, Pharrel Williams’ Freedom has 60 million views on Youtube.

Despicable Me 3’s Soundtrack

Due to having a main antagonist coming from the 80s, Despicable Me 3 does use its soundtrack a lot to deliver its climactic parts. As seen in Despicable Me 3 trailers that feature Balthazar Bratt, the villain dances to Michael Jackson’s Bad as he disarms a military freighter to steal a large diamond. Meanwhile, Pharrel Williams’ song is used in a clip featuring some of the Minions in prison. Fans will just have to watch the movie to know Freedom’s significance in the movie.

June 30

Despicable Me 3 will be shown in theaters this coming June 30. As teased in its trailers, Gru will meet his twin brother Dru during the course of this film. The entry doesn’t leave out any of the main characters from the previous entries, like Lucy Wilde and Gru’s adopted children.  So far, fans can freely expect this movie to be full of comedy, and few bits of drama sprinkled in its plot. Minions will still be in the movie as they are the mascot of the series.

So far, Despicable Me 3 isn’t a strong entry for the series but it does have many humorous scenes. If you’re up for a movie with good music and sensible chuckles, go ahead and watch this film from Illumination Entertainment.