Disney was impressed with the Han Solo Movie sizzle reel, as recent reports say. The reel featured Donald Glover and Alden Ehrenreich’s performances in the movie. However, the Star Wars spinoff movie is currently marred with production issues that could change its development entirely.

According to Star Wars News Net’s Twitter post, Disney apparently liked the Han Solo movie sizzle reel featuring Glover and Ehrenreich back in May. Disney licensees liked what they saw on the reel. However, Star Wars News Net didn’t expound the contents of the sizzle reel beyond the two actors, hence, this could be considered as an unfounded rumor.

In the Han Solo movie, Glover will play as a younger Lando Calrissian while Ehrenreich stars the young Han Solo. Both characters are known for their charming personalities and both actors might’ve pulled it off. However, rumors are circulating that an acting coach has been brought to assist Ehrenreich in his role as Han Solo.

Adding up to the inconsistencies, Lucasfilm has just axed the 21 Jump Street directors, Phil Lord and Chris Miller off the project. ComicBook notes that Disney might’ve just been shown the best parts of the movie’s development. The Han Solo movie’s development is currently having problems and we don’t know if it’s going smoothly at the moment.

After Lord and Miller’s departure, Lucasfilm brought in Ron Howard as the Han Solo film’s co-director. Howard has directed the Da Vinci Code novel adaptation films which had mixed reviews but grossed well. For now, we’ll have to wait until this Han Solo film production picks itself up and presents a new trailer anytime soon. So far, the Rogue One movie was received well as a spinoff entry for the series. We’ve yet to know if the Han Solo film will be a worthy spinoff entry in the Star Wars film universe.