Jackie Chan Debuts Electrifying New Trailer For First Serious Movie Role

Jackie Chan Debuts Electrifying New Trailer For First Serious Movie Role

Jackie Chan
Source: The Foreigner Trailer

The recently released trailer for the new “The Foreigner” movie features Jackie Chan out of his usual kind and comedic roles. Chan will play a mourning and vengeful father out to find his daughter’s killers. Here’s what we know about The Foreigner’s trailer.

The Foreigner

Chan will play as “Ngoc Minh Quan”, a Vietnamese immigrant in the United Kingdom who saw his daughter die in a bombing. To exact his revenge, Quan goes to extreme lengths like pestering Deputy Prime Minister Hennessey (Pierce Brosnan) and the British police about the identities of the bombers.

The trailer also showed action scenes and Quan’s efforts to blackmail Hennessey to get the information he needs. The Foreigner hits theatres in North America on October 13 and September 30 in China.

Serious and Gritty Jackie Chan

As seen in the trailer, Chan’s character hasn’t smiled at least once during the whole trailer and is clearly hellbent on killing the bombers in his own patient way. Jackie Chan is normally known for his morally upright and comedic roles, which means it’ll be a fresh look at the actor in a long while. The Foreigner clearly pits Chan in a character whose goal is to kill to exact vengeance. This movie might be able to feature Chan in Hollywood’s gritty action film as his character stops at nothing and will even blackmail authorities just to fulfill his goals.

Previously, Chan has become a burglar with gambling problems (Rob-B-Hood), gangster (Shinjuku Incident), and an alcoholic cop (New Police Star). However, none of these roles compare to Ngoc Minh Quan’s silent rage as depicted in the trailer. Additionally, no signs of humor or any of Chan’s comedy antics are seen in the trailer. For now, we’ll have to wait until the movie is released to see if Quan’s revenge story is memorable or a flop.