Sense8 fans rejoice as co-creator Lana Wachowski announced that they’re working with Netflix to conclude the series. The upcoming project is a two-hour special that’s intended to finish the Sense8 story. However, no release dates have been announced regarding the two-hour finale.

As seen on the official Sense8 Twitter, a letter from Wachowski confirmed this two-hour special. The creator thanked all the fans for the love and support as they made it possible for this show to return and finish itself. Netflix announced that this show has been cancelled earlier this month and many fans voiced their disappointment over the decision.

The two-hour special will still follow the story of Wolfgang and his cluster of seven other people. Wolfgang and his group can telepathically interact with each other through their minds. However, the letter doesn’t mention what they’re going to do to finish the story. Before Sense8 got cancelled, the main protagonists are trying to fight off Whispers as he intends to hunt down all sensates.

So far, Sense8 has been the first Netflix series to return after being cancelled. Other Netflix series like The Get Down, Marco Polo, Girlboss, and Lilyhammer didn’t have a chance to conclude their stories. The recent move from Netflix could mean that the company is listening to the fan demand toward abruptly cancelled series. In the future, cancelled Netflix series could also return to conclude itself through going out with a bang with a longer episode. If fans are lucky, they can get some cancelled series to get another season if they show enough support.

No dates were given out but Wachowski did confirm that they’re working on making this two-hour special after the announcement. For now, fans can only wait until this two-hour special is released on the online streaming platform.