During the red carpet premiere, Spider-Man Homecoming main star Tom Holland pulled off a grand entrance. His entrance had some Spider-Man theatrics that riled up the fans. This is definitely one of the best red carpet entrances in Hollywood history.

As seen in the video, Spider-Man was seen lying on a sedan’s hood as it slowly drove near the entrance of the theater. The web crawler did some fan service like take pictures with the fans, pose for the media, and perform some acrobatics on the street. To finish his act, Spidey entered the sedan and a few seconds after, Tom Holland came out holding the Spider-Man costume and throws it back to the car. Truly, this is some grade-A theatrics done for the Spider-Man Homecoming actor.

In contrast to his flashy entrance, Holland answered humbly during his interview after the theatrics. Holland expressed gratitude for his time in the movie and admitted that he’d lose in a dance battle against Zendaya. Overall, Holland’s entrance is immensely entertaining even if you’re not going to see the movie itself.

Holland’s entrance perfectly mirrors his role as Peter Parker in the Spider-Man Homecoming movie. As mentioned in his interview, Peter Parker is really comfortable and confident when he has the suit on but his attitude changes when he’s living life as his non-superhero self. The Spider-Man entrance has all the pizazz for that Spider-Man feel. Meanwhile, his interview didn’t have that bombastic energy but was warm and entertaining in its own right.

Spider-Man Homecoming will be released in theaters this coming July 7. More than just adding a new version of Spider-Man throughout the years, Holland’s Spider-Man is canonically included in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. We’ll see more of Holland’s performances in future Marvel movies like the upcoming Infinity War and other major Marvel entries that may feature him. Fans will surely remain onboard the hype train if Holland keeps delivering these kind of antics.