The Conjuring series is showing signs of progress as New Line Cinema just confirmed a new film. A new screenwriter has been recently hired for the movie. However, the original director, James Wan, seems to be unlikely to direct this upcoming entry. Here’s what we know about the upcoming The Conjuring 3 film.


Deadline reports that another Conjuring movie is coming soon. No details about its show dates were included in the report. Its known director, James Wan, will help out as one of its producers.  The Conjuring’s new director is still unknown but it does have David Leslie Johnson to write its screenplay. Johnson has worked on the previous Conjuring sequel, Orphan, and the Nightmare on Elm Street reboot.

Wan’s success as a producer can be seen in Annabelle. The first Annabelle movie got mixed reviews but earned exponentially more than its $6.5 million dollar budget.

For now, it’ll be premature to celebrate as we’ve yet to know most of the developing crew behind Conjuring 3. We’ll have to wait for New Line Cinema or the movie’s producers to keep us informed on the movie’s progress. Since Wan is not the director of the project, we might see a whole new spin to the series that doesn’t rely on the same spook methods like previous Conjuring movies.

New Direction

The Conjuring producer Peter Safran revealed to many film journalists that they’re planning for something unique in The Conjuring 3. Apparently, they can’t go for another haunted house and supernatural possession for the third entry. So far, the Conjuring series is known for its frights with the “The Nun” character. Both Conjuring 1 and 2 were successful in both reviews and sales. Fans definitely expect to see this third sequel to do better than its previous entries. We’ll have to leave it to Wan and the new director for the third film’s new direction.