Recently, an 8-bit version of the Thor Ragnarok trailer has been posted on Youtube. Each of the scenes and characters were recreated in an art style commonly seen in old-school video games. For now, fans are still waiting for the movie’s showing later this year.

As seen on JoBlo’s video, the Thor Ragnarok 8-bit trailer starts with showing where Thor is tied in chains and violently dropped down to a hellish area. Thor continues to tell his story as more of the trailer’s scenes are recreated in 8-bit. Each scene has a recreation and even the other characters like Heimdall, and Loki can be seen in their 8-bit form.

Visuals isn’t the only thing that was changed. The music has also been altered to fit the trailer’s retro look.

This isn’t the first time JoBlo has recreated trailers with an 8-bit look. Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman movie, Guardians of the Galaxy 2, and even La La Land have received the 8-bit treatment.

As expected of early video game graphics, JoBlo’s 8-bit trailers look limited when it comes to special effects. When Thor’s hammer got crushed, it only sent three bolts of bouncing lightning toward Thor and not a full-on lightning explosion. However, this is just a matter of the creator’s taste and the limitation of the 8-bit art style.

It’s unknown if Thor Ragnarok will have any video game easter eggs for fans to see. In the previous Thor movies, the rainbow road to Asgard heavily looked like the Rainbow Road map in the Mario Kart series. The similarities might just be incidental as the Bifrost is really a rainbow road. The rainbow road is the path between Midgard and Asgard in the Norse Mythology.

Thor Ragnarok will be showing in theaters this coming November. This movie might be important in shaping up the upcoming Infinity War movie.