Evan Peters, who starred as Quicksilver in the last two X-men movies, has been confirmed to reprise his role in the upcoming X-Men Dark Phoenix movie. Many fans loved Peters’ performance as Quicksilver as he had most of the fun scenes in the movies.

According to Hollywood Reporter, Evan Peters is confirmed to return to his role as Quicksilver role in the new film. Quicksilver’s appearance in the upcoming X-Men Dark Phoenix film will excite fans as he’s one of the sources of humor in 20th Century Fox’s movies.

In the X-Men Apocalypse movie, Quicksilver’s powers was presented in a fun way to watch. Quicksilver’s slow-motion extraction of each student inside the school. After saving all of them, Quicksilver didn’t break a sweat and was jovial about the task he did. Due to his lighthearted personality and strong introduction, Quicksilver has definitely been one of the X-Men film character favorites.

However, many fans worry that Quicksilver might not do much in Dark Phoenix as the upcoming movie focuses on Phoenix’s evil alter-ego, Dark Phoenix. In the comic series, Dark Phoenix takes over Phoenix when she loses control of her powers. During this state, she is considered as one of the strongest characters in the whole Marvel universe.

This evil Phoenix doesn’t care of allegiances and will destroy any threat that stands in her way. If ever a fight erupts against her, the whole X-Men crew are always depicted to attempt a dangerous plan to calm her down and even consider killing her in the process.

For now, we’ll just have to wait until the movie releases to see Evan Peters’ performance as Pietro Maximoff/Quicksilver. Aside from the main cast previously announced, there’s also a new addition. The Next Step star Lamar Johnson was also casted for Dark Phoenix, though his role has yet to be confirmed.