Some interesting rumors about the Green Lantern Corps film have popped up, including who the possible director of the film will be. It looks like Warner Bros is in talks with the former director of Gambit, Rupert Wyatt, who also worked on the well received Rise of the Planet of the Apes. He would be a solid choice for the film if true, especially when one considers the bad reputation of the previous Green Lantern movie.

New director aside, the film will supposedly center on Hal Jordan and John Stewart, with a tone similar to Lethal Weapon. Screen Rant said it would be a buddy cop film, with the experienced Hal Jordan teaching the younger John Stewart the ways of a Green Lantern, which sounds really intriguing. Warner Bros has yet to comment on the report’s validity, so only time will tell if Lethal Weapon in space will happen in the film.

Talks of a Green Lantern Corps film have been happening for a while, now that Warner Bros has the DCEU to focus on. Green Lantern even appeared in the new DCEU stinger that debuted in the Wonder Woman movie, further increasing talks about a possible movie in the future. Many fans are shocked that he won’t be in Justice League, especially since he played a big role on Justice League: Origin, the comic book it is based on.

Whether we will see Rupert Wyatt in the directorial role remains to be seen, though fans would like to see him give the film a shot. After all, the previous Green Lantern film was so panned, many are hoping the franchise will be redeemed now that it’s in the DCEU. Despite the film’s failure, the Green Lantern comics are still doing well for DC, with two ongoings that are going strong in the Rebirth era.