A rumor of a Wonder Woman sequel has been circulating the internet. Wonder Woman 2 is supposedly set during the Cold War and will prime the return of her love interest, Steve Trevor.

ScreenRant reports that Wonder Woman 2 will be a spy thriller movie set in the Cold War. However, ScreenRant didn’t name their sources for this reveal. Fans should take this rumor with a grain of salt.

Historically, the Cold War was a conflict of political intrigue more than open warfare between leading nations. These leading nations backed certain sides in conflicts around the world to push their goals. One of the most notable events in this battle was the Space Race where Russia and America competed to send a man in outer space first.

ScreenRant has mentioned that the next Wonder Woman movie will be set in the 80s in which it’s already the latter part of the Cold War. Diana will apparently take part in the battles that’ll collapse the Soviet Union.

This setting is understandable as Wonder Woman’s leading man, Steve Trevor, is a spy by profession. The spy thriller setting can help expound on his backstory through the world of espionage.

Speaking of Trevor, he’s also reported to return as an ally of Wonder Woman. In the first film, Trevor’s fate is left unknown after he sacrificed himself to blow up a German plane full of bombs. ScreenRant suggests that Wonder Woman 2 will let him survive this sacrifice, or make him return as Trevor’s descendant.

For now, Wonder Woman 2 is not even announced to be in development. Even though this sequel is set in the past before Justice League, Wonder Woman’s spot is already assured in the DC crossover movie. This means the sequel, just like the first film, could simply fill backstory details for Wonder Woman instead of progressing the DCEU’s present-day timeline.